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    san andreas glitch



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    san andreas glitch

    Post by darkslaying on 31st January 2008, 11:55 pm

    there is this 1 building where u can actually hide inside and ure invisable to the server u have to jump into the wall and then u hop inside and its a ledge and then u can hop down and then around that theres about 2 squares of walking space wide and goes all the way around a blank in the ground that looks like the end of the game and it teleports u to random spot in the game

    second glitch /dive in the gunstore wait tell u can almost see the top of the shop and pull the shoot then drop down when ure close enought to not die ure above the shot and u can walk around and in the back there is a gun range unfortuanatly u cannot shoot cool glitch

    there is a entry to the top of a casino its the one near the pirate ship and u can go in the casino no 1 know about that spoit my clan and me used to go there alot and we had a mod so he would give is miniguns and country rifles

    there is a shack up the mountain of the field its hard to find and out of the way u can get an unsyned sniper rifle but it still has the zoom u get the postion with sniper switch to country rifle

    my final glitch get on a bicycle and bunny hop ctrl and have an uzi and then jump and shoot and u got 100s of feet into the cloud on 1 bunny hop they used to play follow the leader on bikes on the roof tops

    well there u have it i dont play much any more wharfshrimps server closed and i lost interest and i only saw 1 guy from my clan again
    this is [r.b]titsmagee reporting the scoop
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    Re: san andreas glitch

    Post by ThePreserver on 1st February 2008, 1:14 am

    Awesome finds....I miss that game. I just don't have the time to play it. Hopefully I can make time. Winking

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