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    Playstation 3


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    Playstation 3

    Post by acousticchaos on 31st January 2008, 1:05 am

    sadly... playstation let me down! XBOX 360 is definitelly wayy better than the ps3. I am a huge playstation fanatic; however, it seems to me that they were really in a hurry with the ps3 and it has lots of defects. Hopefully they can bring back the name playstation with a better console in the future. Kinda like Nintendo did with the Wii. They lost a lot with the gamecube, but then brought it back. haha. "Wii would like to play."
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    Re: Playstation 3

    Post by ThePreserver on 31st January 2008, 8:32 pm

    Defects? Odd....what firmware version is your PS3? Also, what version do you have? The 40,60,or 80 GB?
    Because I've tried it and it works greatly for me. It was the 60 GB model (native PS2 compatibility) with the latest Firmware 2.10.

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