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    how not to get caught



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    how not to get caught

    Post by darkslaying on 23rd January 2008, 11:23 pm

    I'm surprised at how often people get in trouble for hacking. I've personally known several people who were caught while playing around with trojans, and now they're not allowed to use ANY electronic equipment (remember Mitnick, or Hackers?). If you're smart enough to get in at all, you should be smart enough to do it without being traced. It's very easy. Normally, I wouldn't care about the so-called "script kiddies" who get in trouble for doing something stupid, but when they get caught, the media always blows it out of proportion, and the hacking community as a whole suffers. Therefore, I'm going to show you a few simple things you can do to avoid getting caught (even though you might deserve it).


    How it works:
    No matter what kind of hack you're attempting, you can always use a proxy. There are tens of thousands of free proxy servers out there. You only need to look for them (just google "free proxy servers"). Here's the basic principle: Instead of connecting directly to the victim, you connect to a "middle-man" who forwards all traffic between you and the victim. That way, when the victim realizes he's being hacked, he can only trace the hack back to the proxy.

    The downside:
    If you're lucky, the victim will back down when he realizes you were using a proxy. If it's someone who knows what they're doing, however, they might ask the proxy for their access log, which would provide them with your IP address. If the proxy is owned by a "pro-hacker" organization, it will probably refuse to hand over their logs. If your victim is influential enough, however (for example if it's Microsoft or the government), they can make a legal fuss and have the proxy subpoenaed.

    Some proxies actually show your real IP address. Make sure you are using a true anonymous proxy server.

    Another downside to using a proxy is lag. Your connection speed will usually suffer when using a good anonymous proxy.

    The bottom line:
    Proxies make a great extra layer of security, but shouldn't be used alone for medium- or high-risk hacks. In some cases (HTTP hacking, for example) it is possible to "chain" proxies together, that is, use a series of proxies instead of just one to make it even more difficult for the victim to trace you. (Ever played Uplink? Same basic principle, even though that game really distorts hacking.)

    Also check out Tor:
    Here's a great article about it:
    (further down this thread)

    How it works:
    Yeah, you read that right. There are actually a few free ISPs out there. You can sign up with some bogus information, do the deed, and if your IP address is traced back to the ISP, even they don't know who you are, so they can't finger you.

    The downside:
    Free ISPs only offer dial-up connections. That means three important things: First, your connection will be slow. Second, you will be charged for a long-distance call if there are no local numbers for your city. Third (and most important), even though the ISP won't have your personal information from your sign-up, they WILL have your phone number.

    The bottom line:
    If you want this to work, you have to dial from a public place (try a phone booth with an acoustic coupler).

    NetZero is one of the leading free ISPs, so check them out (the free offer isn't advertised; it's at the bottom of the sign-up page).


    How it works:
    This one is obvious. Just set up your laptop at the local internet cafe and hack away!

    The downside:
    Most access points require a membership fee. Usually, they will collect a bit of personal information during your registration, making it possible for you to be traced.

    Also, many access points only allow HTTP traffic, so if you're planning some other kind of hack (like using a trojan client), this method is out of the question.

    The bottom line:
    This is probably my least-favorite one in the list. Since you'll be in a public place, make sure no one is watching!


    How it works:
    If you haven't done the wireless thing yet, you're REALLY missing out. There are millions of unsecured wireless networks across America just begging to be (ab)used. Drive around until you find a strong signal, park in an inconspicuous spot, and start having fun!

    The downside:
    There are only two ways you can possibly be traced: if your wireless adapter's MAC address is in some FBI database with your name next to it, or if you do something stupid (like making a scene in your car or checking your email).

    Of course, there are a lot of bad things which can happen to whoever owns the network. I don't condone framing innocent people, so I'm going to recommend that you find a network that doesn't belong to an individual, like a store (I'm not a communist, but a store won't feel the pain as much as an individual).

    As you can see, it is not very hard to conceal your information while hacking. Make use of a few of these methods, don't leave any indentifying information on the remote machine, use your head, and you should be fine.

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    Re: how not to get caught

    Post by Ralph on 23rd January 2008, 11:25 pm

    Its alot of usefull information so you know how to protect yourself as well.

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    Re: how not to get caught

    Post by Sodylin on 17th October 2009, 2:32 am

    Whoa. Doubt this guy is still around.... but who wants to volunteer on answering noob questions?!

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    Re: how not to get caught

    Post by ChemE on 3rd November 2009, 1:10 pm

    As long as the questions are correctly worded, I will offer hypothetical situations that might answer the questions.

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    Re: how not to get caught

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