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    Still haven't tried a DS-i


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    Still haven't tried a DS-i

    Post by Ralph on 26th October 2009, 3:47 pm

    has anybody else tried one? idk whats different about it either, I'm completely out of touch with these things now a days.
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    Re: Still haven't tried a DS-i

    Post by ThePreserver on 26th October 2009, 7:28 pm

    I haven't tried it. But obviously it has a new, Wii-ish smooth user interface compared to the shoddy DS one that is found on all DS Phat and Lite models. The DSi is more of a hardware upgrade more than anything. The big obvious is that it includes a front-facing and back camera. It also features more high fidelity speakers. The LED is now blue instead of green. Power button I believe was moved and I wouldn't doubt the brightness is better. The DSi is said to have less battery by a few hours though. Oh and yeah the dual screens are marginally bigger as well as the unit being thinner I believe. And the big "update" or lack of one, was the removal of the GBA cartridge slot and hardware, which made for the thinner DSi. The DSi has a faster processor, more RAM, and with its UI, features Facebook and a FREE much better web browser. For those that use flash cards for modification purposes should stay clear of this device that costs 50 dollars more...Yes, the latest firmware update has blocked ALL pirated flash cards. Just stick with a DS Phat or Lite if you plan to do such things.

    In my opinion, I would rather go with the DS Lite. For the price, it's pretty darn good!

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